Attention & Influence & Dream realization!

Discover the META RUNWAY

Advanced experience + Charm + Differentiation

Your challenge and "dream" will be your first stage of your new life

If you think, 

  • I want to have the most advanced experience in the world
  • I want to get more attention than anyone else
  • I want to have the difference than anyone else
  • I want to do the self-improvement
  • I want to walk with beautiful dress and high-heels
  • I want to stand in the spotlight
  • I want to do a branding strategy
  • I want to be the type of influencer
  • I want to change the new type of person
  • I want to be a pianist who is active around the world
  • I want to challenge to exciting event
  • I want to have the different or extraordinary experience
  • I want to make money more and more
but you can’t find what you should do, we would like to inform that BIG chance is in front of you now!
If you can get the method which will change your life in an instant, do you want to try it?

If there was a way to get  beauty, financial power and influence, wouldn’t you want to have it?

If your answer is “yes!,  this event could be the best turning point in your life.

Would you like to get remarkable more than now?

About "Meta-Runway Produce"

The first event in Japan! By walking the Metaverse Runway, you can get these chances as below:

  • Increased attention
  • Opportunities to be active overseas
  • Open the way to become a SNS influencer.
  • You can have an unusual experience.
  • How to make a visual effect.
  • Open the door to the entertainment industry
  • Increase your income

You can get all of these, 

  • Produce visual improvement
  • An extraordinary and exciting experience
  • Income from supporting by Crowdfunding, NFT
  • showcase the beauty of Japanese people to the world and make a global debut
  • Ambassador activities

You can participate in a kimono, a dress, or any outfit that expresses you.

What will you get?


Experience cutting-edge technologies

Runway Experience with 4D Metaverse Shooting


use 4D QR code

You can use 4D Metaverse QR Code freely


Experience as META Runway Model

Debuted as Japan’s first meta-runway model



Increased recognition and attention


Visual impact

Total visual produce by fashion and beauty professionals


Influencer in the world

new stage of dissemination


Screening of films(2023)

virtual event screenings in Monaco, Dubai, Germany and Milan in 2023 (planned)


Modeling and Entertainment career

Opportunities to sign with modeling agencies, entertainment training schools, and influencer agencies!


income increase

Live on the stage for 4,000 people 100,000 followers


Ambassador Activities

Become a sponsor ambassador



Global debut and community building through NFT


First-party profit

Marketing with 4D QR codes

PLUS ON to your skills!

Make up for Webinar
Most advanced beauty
Kimono Walking & Posing

Specially Produce by Gensai Okubo, Yuzen artist
(Limited to 10 Kimonos)

Your world debut and experience will be specially produced by Mr. Gensai Okubo, an internationally acclaimed dyer and designer, and one of Japan’s leading kimono artists!
(Limited to 10)

Gensai Okubo is the first Japanese kimono artist who hold the kimono show “Gensai and the World of Silk” in New York and London, and has established his own unique world as “Gensai Yuzen”.

This is a special  opportunity to make your international debut with Gensai Yuzen kimono, which has been loved by many celebrities and cultural figures, including Yuko Asano, Mari Yoshimura, and Fuyumi Sakamoto at the Kohaku music festival.

Specially produce by Yumi Katsura, a leading figure in the Bridal dress industry
(Limited to 10 dresses)

Special production by Ms. Yumi Katsura, a leading figure in the bridal industry!

Ms. Yumi Katsura opened the first bridal specialty store in Japan and she a leading figure in the bridal dress industry.
This is a special opportunity for you to wear the dress of your dreams and make your international debut!

Support for choosing of your dress

If you don’t have the dress, the professional will support to choosing, including rental.(As option)

You will be able to choose the best dress that brings out the best in you.

Let's share Japanese beauty to the world!


XR technology “volumetric shooting

The 4D virtual runway is realistic movements as if models walk glamorously on the spot.
you can easily experience the world of UFA Japan auditions without the need for VR goggles with a smartphone.


Please check from here now!

Increase income!

The way to influencer

The “influencer” is derived from the English word “influence,” and is a person who exerts a significant influence through SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
You can be the influencers use Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok etc,  you can earn income and be more influential person by your content, products, and experiences.

Income though Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding refers to “raising funds in small amounts from an unspecified number of people via the Internet.
We will be live-streaming online via Youtube and Facebook group (4,000 registered members).
The “support” in the form of “cheering money” will encourage you to “create this kind of service,” “solve the world’s problems,” “live this kind of life,” and your other ideas and charms.
The support money will be your income, and it will be a step toward making your dream a reality.

4D QR Code Marketing

You can use 4D QR code for your marketing!

You can use to

  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Business card
  • Blog
  • Email Magazine

You will get noticed by leaps and bounds.
This is a recent marketing method that instantly makes you memorable and more impressive.

We will lecture you on effective usage and 4D video marketing in the course.

If you wish, you can also shoot a PR 4D video of your own product.

3 awards for support you

Supporter Award

This will be awarded to the person who receives the most support through live comments and crowdfunding.

Impactor Award

This will be awarded for your support through "likes" on social networking sites.

Sponcer Award

This is awarded to you as support from the sponsor.

Make a Contribution to Society
- For Children with Incurable Diseases -

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Make-A-Wish”?

It means “make a wish” in English.

By participating in this project, you can simultaneously fulfill the dream of children in wheelchairs or with incurable diseases to “walk the runway”.

We can make children’s dreams to come true because of MetaRunway 4D Video.

We are seeking crowdfunding for the filming of videos for  children as well.

In addition, a portion of the cost of your video shoot will also support them to realize their dreams.

In addition to giving courage to the children, let’s participate in the “place” of social contribution.

Application Guidelines

  • Regardless of gender, LGBTQ, age, nationality, handicap, or height
  • at least 18 years of age as of December 31, 2022
  • Have the account on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Must be able to engage in activities on their own initiative and independently.
  • Must be able to attend 4D photo shoot on  3th and 4th December 2022 (in Tokyo).
  • Be able to interact with sponsors, other parties and the management office with common sense and a sense of compassion and appreciation.

If we find significant harmony, we may refuse your participation.

Message from the Organizer

First in Japan!
We will take you to the stage for a cutting-edge, extraordinary experience and increased attention.

Anyone can enjoy exciting experience of Japan’s first state-of-the-art 4D runway video shooting and increase your attention and influence in just one moment.

We want  you to

  • shine brighter.
  • change more.

And we want you to achieve your dreams by getting a new you and making your dreams come true.

Also, we want you to show the beauty and gracefulness of Japanese women to the world.
This is why we created this event.

Based on the concept of “Everyone is different and different will be special gift”,  we will not select a grand prix in this event.

Please make your debut on the “Japan’s first” 4D QR Code video meta-runway, feel the  experience of change and challenge with your friends, and show your special 4D QR Code video to many people.

And make your dream come true. The “world” is waiting for you.

If you think “a more wonderful future will be in my life”,  please join us for this event as your first step to your best future!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the “META RUNWAY” stage.

Chisato Nakano

President of Chisato Nakano Beauty Dojo
President and Representative Director, AND C Corporation

Kaoru Igarashi

Representative Director, Style Factory Co.
Representative Director, Personal Stylist Association of Japan
Fashion Producer

Yuki Morita

Event procucer
Two crown of Mrs. Contest